Who Invented The First Electric Guitar?

It has come to my attention that hardly anyone knows who invented the first electric guitar. Also, these types of questions do not have one simple answer. It’s like asking who invented the internet.

Common Misconceptions:

Many people think that Les Paul invented the first electric guitar. This is false. Les Paul came up with the first solid body electric guitar.

“Leo Fender invented the first one” – Nope, he didn’t

Many also believe that Paul H. Tutmarc invented the first electric. This is also false. This guy invented a Hawaiian electric guitar in the 1930s I believe.

So Who Invented The First Electric Guitar?

Adolph Rickenbacker is the inventer of the first modern amplifiable electric guitar. It was a semi-hollow body guitar with sound holes. The first complete setup was in 1931, but it had all began in Los Angeles, California in the 1920s. Read Rickenbacker’s history.

The first solid body electric guitar was invented by Les Paul in 1941. It wasn’t a pretty sight like the Les Paul’s you see today, but it was still the first in it’s class. It was basically a solid square wooden body with 6 steel strings on a neck. In the 1950’s The Gibson company got together with Les Paul to present the Gibson Les Paul we all know today.

It was later in the 1940s when Leo Fender invented his first electric guitar naming it the Broadcaster. It was not long until they renamed it as the Telecaster. Then later inventing it’s bigger brother the “Stratocaster” as an upgrade (don’t tell the tele lovers that!)

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    1. mmstan says

      Even before rickenbacher and gibson pan lap steel….20 years before swingerland had the first electric guitar..

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